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Field Work App


A fieldwork management application

  • Duration

    3 Months

  • Deliverables

    WebApplication, Dashboard-Admin Panel

  • Technologies

    Meteor, Node.js, Google Map

Project Brief

Datobox is an app that makes your fieldwork management easy and efficient. Using the geolocation of the of the mobile devices, it collects the data and reflects in web interface instantly. In this way, you can monitor and manage the field work remotely from your desktop or laptop. Datobox is a solution that makes the sluggish processes such as monitoring, form filling, analyzing and decision swift by advancing it to the digital world.

Challenges we faced

  • GeoLocation

    In order to track the exact location of the members on the field a geolocation feature was to be added.

  • Statistical Reporting & Analysis

    All the information and statistics must be collected at a place where the admin can examine and analyze the information

  • Digital Signature

    Many documents and the filled forms require signatures for further process. So we needed to add a digital signature feature.

Key Features and Solution

  • 1

    We have developed the geolocation feature that allows the user to know the accurate position of each device along with time, date and the information of each form filled. We have used Meteor to develop this web and mobile solution and customized the Google Maps library as per the business logic.

  • 2

    We have built a custom dashboard for the admin that allows them to analyze the collected data to take the best decision. The custom dashboard exhibits the information like team members on the field, filled forms and the collected data along with the exact time, device and location.

  • 3

    The admin or supervisor can add his digital signature on the forms and documents for authentication and permission remotely from his device. Not only that we also implemented the feature to add one or several digital signatures required as per the needs. This allowed the admin and supervisor to authenticate the documents without signing in person.


The sluggish fieldwork management process which was once sluggish has been made more efficient and easy with our digital solution. With features like geolocation tracking and, digital form filling and analyzing, the processes are now transparent and the admin can monitor and manage from anywhere. Now Databox is used by corporate giants like like Unilever, Cacesa, USS and Sixcom.

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